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I am currently writing a book set in the same universe as KRANTOR’S MATE, release date to be confirmed.

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Krantor’s Mate

One day, on a planet far from Earth, I meet my fated mate. The only problem is, he’s in love with someone else.

Martha has enrolled on a six-month exchange program to the planet Ven, whose people have recently made first contact with Earth. Newly single and broke, Martha looks forward to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to find out more about the Venorians, an intriguing humanoid race of massive bronze-skinned people.

As the son and heir of the Kran, planet Ven’s ruler, Krantor has four somars—men who are his lifelong bodyguards and companions. He loves them all dearly, but one of them, Prilor, he loves best of all. Krantor knows he’s destined to meet his fated mate one day, but it’s Prilor he wants to spend his days and nights with. And he certainly hadn’t banked on his fated mate being a human!

Will Martha give up her life on Earth for a fated mate who already loves another? And what of the feelings she has developed for Shanbri, another of Krantor’s somars?

Author’s note: this is a standalone sci-fi romance with steam and spice aplenty, featuring FM, MM, and MFM relationships, and a guaranteed HEA for all.

What people are saying about Krantor’s Mate:

What a phenomenal read. The worlds, cultures, and species created were diverse and detailed. The characters were rich, vivid, and beautifully flawed. I went on such an emotional ride with this book. It is so amazing to watch this talented author weave such a magical journey with such a balance of realism and fantasy. I can see myself turning back to this book time and time again.Goodreads reviewer

This is a new author for me and I really enjoyed this book. It has a well developed storyline with a unique twist.Goodreads reviewer

Fantastic story. I loved it and the characters and I highly recommend this book.Goodreads reviewer

Easy, enjoyable read… This is my first dive into Alien romance, and it was extremely sweet.Goodreads reviewer

Some really sexy scenes and the connection building is what dreams are made of.Goodreads reviewer


Laijar’s Temptation

I am on a mission to find out why the airships on Earth have stopped flying. My race, the Venorians, have been keeping an eye on this planet for centuries, but have yet to make contact with humans. Unfortunately, my descent to Earth does not go as planned.

Life during the Covid pandemic sucks. I’m stuck doing home learning alone in my family’s ranch house in Colorado. My boring existence comes to an end, though, when a gorgeous bronzed skinned alien crash lands on our property.

The attraction is immediate between Laijar and Daisy when they first meet, but Laijar knows he cannot act on his desires. While he has had his fair share of lovers growing up in the sex positive Venorian society,  Daisy is young and inexperienced. It would be wrong to take advantage of her crush on him. Laijar is determined at all costs to resist the temptation, but Daisy has other plans.

Author’s note: this novella is a prequel to Krantor’s Mate. This steamy sci-fi romance can also be read as a standalone. While this is an FM romance, there are explicit scenes with MM action. However, there is no cheating and a guaranteed HEA for the two main protagonists.


Love Against the Odds

A collection of four novellas which feature star crossed lovers who have to fight the odds to be together.

❤️ high spice
❤️ swoony heroes who fall first
❤️ sex club linking the four stories

Book 1 – Liberation
A steamy contemporary multicultural romance
Two people meet one day in a coffee shop and bond over their love of cinnamon rolls. On paper, they’re nothing alike. Different backgrounds, different lifestyles, different life experiences. Yet they click… The odds are stacked against them. Can they overcome them to be together?

Book 2 – Duplication
A sci-fi erotic romance
What are the odds that two people, from two separate universes should meet and fall in love? Will they overcome the odds to be together? This is a romance like you’ve never read before, partly set in a fictional universe with a very different moral code to ours.

Book 3 – Determination
A steamy contemporary romance
Two people, living miles away from each other, from very different walks of life. Circumstances bring Audrey and Jacob briefly together. Sparks fly, but the odds are stacked against them. Can they overcome them to be together?

Book 4 – Infatuation
A steamy friends-to-lovers multicultural romance
Two people meet on a plane and begin a close friendship. They’re from very different backgrounds – Kamal a devout Muslim and Liv, a chef whose friendship with her two male best friends includes “benefits”.
Can Kamal and Liv overcome the odds and become more than just friends?

What people are saying about the series:

“Really good read. Loved the series.” Amazon Review

“I’d highly recommend them. They show very accurately what love is like ‘against the odds’ and how when you meet the right person, there’s no getting around it. Somehow love always finds a way.” Amazon Review